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I'm gonna kick your ass. Yeah, I'm gonna --

... you put down "mount" Denny?

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Name:Izzie Steves

"He's just not George anymore. He's broken George. First he chops of his hair. Then he starts hanging out with this... Callie. That is not a name. Callie! Who is she anyway? I'm his best friend. Not that he talks to me anymore."

"Triple word score. 69 points. Woman, I am beating the pants off of you. Pay attention. What in the hell are you doing?

"I'm knitting a sweater. Actually Meredith, that's my friend, the friend that broke George, is knitting a sweater. She's not really knitting a sweater, because she cannot knit, but I want her to think she is knitting, because she and I took a celibacy vow, so she's replacing sex with knitting, so I am knitting pieces of Meredith's sweater, so she can actually believe she is knitting, because if anybody needs to be celibate, it's Meredith, because she broke George, you know?"

"You took a vow of celibacy?"


"How am I supposed to get in your pants if you took a vow of celibacy?"

"That is a very inappropriate thing to say to your doctor."

"Oh, you know what's inappropriate? Promising sexual favors to a patient in order to get them to live, and then backing out."

"Denny Duquette, I so never, ever promised--"

"In my head you did. In my head, you delivered."


"But don't worry, you weren't very good."

"Ok. You know what, I was being nice. I was letting you win, because you're "Mr. Sick Needs a New Organ Guy," but just for that comment, I'm gonna kick your ass. Yeah, I'm gonna-- you put down "mount," Denny?"
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